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Our History

The Fowler State Bank was chartered by the State Of Kansas, April 13, 1906 (over l00 years ago) at Main Street, Fowler, Meade County, Kansas by ten local businessmen residents of Meade County, being the incorporators as follows: R. A. Harper, F. D. Morrison, W. P. Bunyan, Louis Boehler, Wm. Newton, B. C. McMeel, Leo McMeel, Ed Bower, H. J. Bone, W. R. Slaughter and R. A. Harper. The first President was R. A. Harper, followed by F. D. Morrison and after his death, his wife; Margaret L. Morrison was elected President.

In 1906 a small frame bank building on Main Street was the first occupancy of the Bank until 1915 when a new two story brick Building was built at Fourth and Main to provide for more space due to steady growth.

In 1954 Mrs. Morrison, then President, sold her majority stock interest in the bank to V. E. Chance and his wife, Velma Lee Chance. V. E. Chance was elected as Chief Executive Officer and they became majority stockholders. The bank continued to grow and prosper under new management with increasing loans, deposits and capital reserves, providing the community with good banking services.

In 1973 the new present modern bank building was constructed to provide for more banking space and services at the same location, with the old building removed.

In 1991 the bank was authorized to establish a full service branch bank at Meade, Kansas. A new facility was constructed in Meade and staffed with experienced Officers and employees. The Meade Branch has provided Banking services for Meade and surrounding area maintaining growth.

In 1992 a one bank holding company, FSB Bankshares Inc. was formed by V. E. Chance and family members, owning a large majority share of the stock of the Bank. The officers and shareholders were: V. E. Chance, Director and President; Velma Lee Chance, Director and Vice-President; Lynn E. Chance, Director and Secretary; Larry S. Chance, Director and Treasurer, and Lorene K. Humphreys, Director. The FSB Bankshares Inc. now owns 100% of the stock of the Bank and operates as a sub chapter S Corporation.

In 2009 the bank was authorized to establish a full service branch bank at Cimarron, Kansas. A new bank facility Cimarron State Bank a branch of the Fowler State Bank was constructed within Whites Foodliner the grocery store located in Cimarron and staffed with local experienced Officers and employees. The Cimarron State Bank is a full service bank.

On January 13, 2020, a torch was passed from V.E. Chance, Fowler, KS to Michael D. Miller, Montezuma, KS. Miller led a group of local businessmen and farmers in acquiring the control of FSB Bankshares, Inc. from the Chance Family. On September 29, 2021, the Miller Investment Group purchased the remaining shares to own 100% of FSB Bankshares, Inc.

On March 8, 2022, ownership rebranded the three bank locations to Integrity Bank.  “The new name reflects how the bank operates and treats our customers along with our commitment to the best banking experience for all,” President Miller stated.

The bank continues to serve Meade and Gray Counties and their surrounding areas with good bank management, experienced officers and employees, modern banking facilities and services offered with all the new banking technologies. The Bank maintains above average Capital reserve ratios to deposits and is known as a conservative bank, making sound loans and offering sound financial advice to their customers. The Bank has been insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation since 1935. The Bank remains an aggressive locally owned Independent Bank with the goal to serve the banking needs of their customers. Through the years our depositors and borrowers have placed their trust in our bank and in return we try our best to offer the best management and services available to them.

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